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Page 11

Another Visit to 169037



169037 Having a run at the Dorrigo Steam Train Museum


Brad Baker had just changed the inlet plugs and she was running sweet


Brad also sent me a small video of her running --No smoke and sounds great


This centurion is in pretty good condition with all the gear

The museum was going to have her as a static display on a original flat car that they used to move the Cents in the 1950's


But the group has caught the bug and will fully restore and paint her.


Nice to see the upturned exhaust outlets are covered in these set of photos--something a lot of people forget.

I am hoping to get up there again for another drive so there will be more for this page later

I have had a couple of requests for an explanation of the signs on the Cents and also the art work. 

24A is the crew commanders Call sign normally fixed to the IR Basket as above The serial number in this case is in the normal position for the rear but they also appear in many other places on the rear. The Red over Yellow sign is the Armoured Colors and the unit number superimposed over it, in this case The 1st Armoured Regiment

Another version from the same tank but with a different Crew Commander


                        This one has a different unit                  The yellow disk is the Bridge weight 60 tons


The name Bewildered on 169031                                            and the rear after her repaint



This tank had the number painted incorrectly                                            Corruption as it is today



                          Another position on the rear                                Another side bin name


                The Bitch on 169109                                                Another rear end setup

                                                The setup on an ARV


                169116 now in W.A.                                    169124 at the paint bowl NSW


                                             Another setup on the rear 169117


                        The crossed knives of a Hong Kong tank showing through the paintwork

                                                  The front and rear of a Hong Kong Centurion

2A "Castrator"

Harlot  Harlot in Vietnam

Another unit number


        169007 Barrel Art                                                        The tank 169067 that replaced 169007







Below is a rather historic picture

The last live round fired from the main gun on a Centurion in Australia

The gun was fired on a demo day at the range at Singleton from 169126

Not so, as was pointed out to me by Bob Gay an Ex 1/15 R.N.S.W.L. Bob was one of the people there when they fired 8 rounds and Bob was lucky to have fired two rounds. But the range was at Holsworthy not Singleton

The Centurion owned and maintained to an exceptionally high standard


1 / 15 Royal New South Wales Lancers Museum

My display mount of the 1 / 15 Royal NSW Lancers hat badge

The Royal NSW Lancers Museum has been unstinting in their help and assistance to me and this project which is quite amazing as I have yet to meet any of the guys that have come to my assistance --immediately I have requested any help from them, they have came through.


Also displayed are the beret and shoulder patches

It now stays with my Armoured Corps display

These two shells are destined for the Vietnam Veterans Museum. The one on the left is a canister round so I have made a dummy wooden projectile for it. As we are hoping to obtain in time a full set of cases, its also a dream to one day have projectiles as well. Well I can dream, but a year ago I never imagined we would ever have two 20 pound brass cases. I am not at liberty to say where the polished one came from but the second one was brought by Rusty Dyson and donated to the Museum. I am still being overwhelmed by the generous donations that people are making!

But while we are waiting for the new building to be completed I thought they would look rather nice in the lounge. Alas my dear wife Val who unfortunately has no interest in Centurion MBT's decided that she had a better display area.

Val is a funny lady

The middle shell is a 105 mm from the Leopard

I always wanted to replace my slouch hat and in time brought one for $68 at a museum in NSW. I then found the Emu plume at the tank Museum at Pucka for about $35 and purchased the old WW1 Rising Sun for $45. Not long after a chap who I was fixing a computer for saw some of my displays and gave me two new hats.

 I know the Regiment badge should not be there but hell its my hat and my badge.

I just thought I would throw this one in because I like it.