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After much discussion and many promises, Val has at last done an embroidery of a Centurion for me

You have no idea of the work in first purchasing a program to do this, then leaning to use the blasted thing

But in time it was done and I am pleased with it, at this time I should point out that Val does NOT share my burning passion on Centurion tanks and to obtain the above embroidery was in itself a master achievement, I doubt there will ever be a second one.


ARV's and Bridge Layers

At this point of time I would like to ask for any photos or information, stories or crews that served on both the ARV's and the Bridge Layers, as there seems to be so little recorded about them, it all seems to centre on Gun Tanks.

I was lucky due to Sitrep to come into contact with Dennis Tocock 

the son of 

Sgt. Kenneth A. (Sandy) Tocock MID  ---R.A.E.M.E.

Sandy won his MID in Vietnam and was the Crew Commander of ARV 169111

ARV 169111 in Vietnam on a bridge layer bridge


169111 involved in a Tank Recovery Vietnam


169111 today at John Belfield's Museum

This is an excellent restoration as are all of John's Work

Laying a bridge

Just about there

This is a good sort of test



Now this is how to move some troops, 115541 can carry a few more than an APC

The hard part was fitting the seatbelts for them!

Bridge Layer 92B 11   115544 in Vietnam

This was taken in 1970 on operation Massey Harris east of Xuyen Moc. The chap in the foreground is WO2 Ron Janvrin, then SSM 1 Fd Sqn Gp.


Model Centurions

At this time I thought you may like a look at a couple of models I am building

I started these about two years ago and expected to be finished in about two weeks

I am still to finish them.

Its funny but before I retired I had more time to do things, now there are not enough hours in the day

These are my two 1/25 scale - The one on the left was given to me and the other one I am building myself. This one has full interior and it was a great job building it, enjoyed every minute of it. I have not painted it as I like the color the way it is, but it will no doubt get painted as I want to decal it out as 169007


Lets first have a look at 169044 named BADGER



Then to my second one - I am sorry about the .50 on the Cupola but I could not find a Flex .30 anywhere 


I wanted a gun up there

There are still some items to be fitted and I want to set it up as an Australian cent so things like the 100 gallon tank - 30 in the manlet -  IR Light cage - Plastic water drums on the rear deck - and cut down guards are still to come including the decals for 169007 and  "Buka Boom Boom" on the barrel

Turret removed

Enough said about the Fifty, I am not a purest but a.30 will end up on there when I can obtain one.


View showing the Drivers Compartment There was no wine rack supplied which was a pity

It would have been good to see the 20 pounder rounds stored there

The engine compartment was very well done

View showing the Gunners and the Crew Commanders seats

Controls, and storage bins behind the Crew Commanders seat

L. to R. Radio's - Operators Seat (Stowed position) - 30 and 50 liner bins and below the ready bins (Sliding) with 20 pounder rounds

Some of the Gunners controls  and Crew Commanders Controls  in front of the Crew Commanders seat

Rear of turret storage bins and radio setup

In a Tank everything has its place. and I am only sorry I do not have a photo of the full amount of equipment, that is carried in a Centurion. I have seen a photo of it all laid out on a Tarp and was astounded.

I am also working on an Australian 1/32 scale Centurion

and also this one

And this is my third 1/32 scale which I am still pondering on which one it will be modelled after.