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Visit to Vietnam 2005

An old workmate, Glen Nolan, has sent me some pictures of his last holiday in Vietnam

Glen now works for the  Foreign Fishers Operations N.T. who spend a lot of time and money to stop illegal fishing in out far northern waters.


This is one of the aircrafts that they use for surveillance

One of their boats towing  a few fishing boats into port


The end result of an exercise


Glen toured the tunnels of Chi Chu


A Vietnamese guide showing how the tunnel was closed, making the entrance just about undetectable

Glens brother tried the same trick

Here in one of two scrap metal yards in  Keh Sanh, are some Shells, Bombs and Mortars

There are some with HE still intact

While Glen was in Vietnam, two children were killed while playing with a grenade!!


Laying in the yard was an American Cannon --- I would guess from a downed American Aircraft Aircraft

Spent ammo pods

Looking across Nth Vietnam

View of Sth. Vietnam at the DMZ


Russian Tank at Sean Reap Cambodia

Left Allan Davis owner of Ettamogah Pub in Vietnam a drinking hole for Australians and Aussie service men

Glen Nolan is on the right

Another night at the bar, Bloody hard life he has

Yeah ------harder than Jika

Old French Fort at Da Nang

This shot is at Keh Sanh , note bullet holes in Turret

Remains of a downed Helo


Looks like they must have captured this one on the ground, They do not appear to do all that much in restoration


This is the original first tank through the gates at Presidential Place at the fall of Saigon. Its still fully operational


The marks are the original tank tracks as it crossed the lawns at the palace over 30 years ago. I think there has been work done on this item.


Alan Davis and Glen Nolan on the right at Long Tan Memorial


This plane is in the War Museum in Saigon. There are quite a few large items featured here and many are fully armed. I was in this museum in 1998 and I am not real sure that they had been made safe. Inside the buildings were many photos, most would never be allowed to be seen in Australia, but the Vietnamese do not pull punches. I was rather unsettled when I left there. It was very much against America, but then they had been at war with them!

These weapons were in Cambodia and all were operational.  But firing the M60 at $1 a round could be very expensive as was the RPG at $200 a round


Glen did try out a few---Looks a bit like Chopper in his hey day

A T54 at Seam Reap, could do with a bit of Track Adjustment