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Kevin Skinners Photo Album


Kevin was kind enough to allow me to include his photo Album on the site

Below are pictures from Kapooka to Vietnam and home again

At this time I would like to point out that without the help and assistance of people like Kevin a lot of this site would not exist

23C "Chuckles 11 " and another name is added to the list

23C in Vietnam. Kevin was the driver  of C/S 23. 

He served in Special Equipment and later in 3 troop as driver for Nobby Clark

23C stuck on a mound

Following 24A Jock Brownings Tank

Fuel Bladder coming in

Fuel delivered --- I wonder what that cost per litre

23C in the Bamboo

Kevin at Kapooka

Kevin in Vietnam

Kevin today

Dropping the bridge

Testing the bridge

Setup for the night

Coming into the Dat

Range firing


Range Shoot


One Troop                                                     Two Troop


Three Troop                                                                 Four Troop

    "B" Squadron




Forward Delivery Troop                               LAD / RAEME



                              "Q" Troop                                              Squadron Aid Post                                          


            Headquarters Troop                                  Special Equipment Troop                   


Taking delivery of 169077

This Centurion belongs To Rod Visser

Rod would like to hear from anyone that crewed in 169077

and I would like to know its call sign.

Onto the low loader and moved onto the road where the dolly wheels were fitted and away she went to Noble Park

Unloaded at Rods work and with the use of old tyres to back her out onto the road

Then its onto the block next door

After that she was driven onto the block next door for a bit of a speed run


The next item was to drive her over an old car

The approach

just about on the point of impact

Up she goes

One less Ford

Down the other side

More or less a cross between a convertible and a sports car

A second shot to put it out of its misery