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Leopard page

I have been asked for information on a neutral turn, and not having any photos of a Centurion doing a neutral turn, and not having a Centurion handy, I have had to resort to showing a Leopard ARV doing one.

So I have decide to make this a page on Leopards--- The photos were sent to me by Trevor Hyde

A Leopard ARV from the rear


A nice front on shot showing the dozer blade and the crane on the right hand side


The Neutral Turn

Stop and select neutral--some right stick and accelerate and she is starting the neutral turn


She is now halfway through the turn

Now three quartes of the way there

And now she has turned right around--select forward and off she goes--great fun!


Laying  a bridge from a Bridge Layer

Starting to connect up the bridge

Ready to lay it out

Out it goes


Ready to drop it down

Picking it back up

Starting to retract the bridge


Picking it back up

Retracting the bridge

Folding it up

Leopard ARV


                                The ARV crane                                                                    Swinging it out


Dropping in a new Power Pak


Climbing up a wall

A bit of dust at Mt. Bumby

Wall of fire--- notice first tank with fire on front of tank, then to the left a second one with what appears to be fire on the barrel of main gun and then further to the left another tank with just the front of the barrel coming out of the flames


Full speed into the water

She sure made a big splash

In mid air!

They seem to spend a fair bit of time in the air?

A bit of a speed run

Nice front on shot

Mine Plough

Mine Plough 2

Dozer at work

About to hit the water

View from the other side

Another shot of the dozer working