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Taking delivery of 169077

This Centurion belongs To Rod Visser

Onto the low loader and moved onto the road where the dolly wheels were fitted and away she went to Noble Park

Unloaded at Rods work and they decided to have a drive up the road in second and then come back in reverse

So as not to dig up the road they did not attempt to turn her.

Using old tyres to place under the tracks until she was looking straight up the road

After that she was driven onto the block next door for a bit of a speed run


The next item was to drive her over an old car

The approach

just about on the point of impact

Up she goes

One less Ford

Down the other side

More or less a cross between a convertible and a sports car

A second shot to put it out of its misery


This is about the time I should mention some mates of mine, friends who from the start have helped me in many ways. They also travelled over many miles as companions, which helped melt the miles away. It is without any doubt that their company and help, has assisted me in the compiling of all this information

I first met John Clifford when I worked for the Department of Corrections and we worked together for 14 years, keeping in close contact after we both retired  about 16 years ago. John travelled with me on my first trip to NSW to drive Peter Jarrett's Centurion, and has flown to Qld when I visited Rusty Dyson on the first trip up there.

John also travelled with me in the search for 169069 at Moliagul where we found 169069 which was Rusty Dyson's Tank in Vietnam as well as 169042


John with 169069 Rusty Dyson's old tank from Vietnam that we found a few years ago

Just shows what sort of rubbish you can pick up with a dozer

After a run around the bush in a Cent you find all sorts of things hanging off them

John made a very bad decision in his early years and joined the Navy Fleet Air Arm as an Armourer

But I have spent many years showing him the error of his ways and he is now just about a Tankie


Another good friend is Alan Robertson. Alan has also spent quite a lot of time in the passenger seat as we travelled to NSW and also down to the Museum at San Remo on many occasions. Alan's help with the CD's and DVD setup plus the transferring of 8 mm Movies to Digital DVD, and converting analogue video to Digital was indeed a godsend, and something I know I could not have managed by myself. Alan also taught me all I know about computers.

Rusty Dyson and John Clifford at Rusty's home in Qld.

 Rusty I first met, while compiling this project, and both he and his lovely partner Cass, have become very close friends. When in Qld. which is becoming quite often, Rusty acts as my personal driver, meeting me at the Airport and driving me where ever I wish to go, provides accommodation and great company and then returns me to the airport at some ungodly hours. Rusty is the type of chap you take to very quickly and I have formed a great friendship with him. About the only fault Rusty has is his inability to navigate. I suppose this stems from all his Cent driving in Vietnam, where he no doubt relied on his Crew Commander Mick Butler, to direct him where ever he needed to go. I know that when he drove me to Dorrigo on my last trip up there he managed to miss a sign post and our six hour drive became 11 hours tour of the outer reaches of northern NSW, mostly in the dark. His other fault is the lack of supplying some very necessary equipment and we were sat at Dorrigo in the early hours of the morning with a very nice bottle of Port, and no opener. The bottle travelled home with me and this trip it will again make the flight to Qld, which must make it one of the most travelled bottles of Port in Australia.

On my last trip up there it was in fact opened and without doubt the W A Port was the best I have ever drank and well worth the wait.

This is Rusty's home and also the self contained bungalow on his property in the hills out of Surfers.

Its very hard to decide where to sleep but both locations are first class, as is his very beautiful property which abound with acres of garden, lime trees, that are their business, to semi jungle around the outskirts. In fact you step into another world there!

Cass, Rusty's lovely partner and my very nice friend


Rusty and Daughter Lana - Anzac Day


Brad Baker owner of 169109 and also 169120 a nice guy that has also  become a good friend .


New Tank Find

169067 has now been located

169067 This tank served in Vietnam. She was not a very lucky cent as she hit three mines over her service period and also took two RPG strikes.

The full story of these actions and many more will be reported in detail in Bruce Cameron's book that is being written at this moment, so I will not go into the actions here.  This book will be a must for anyone interested in Australian Armour in Vietnam 

She looks a pretty nice tank and I will be calling in on my next trip to NSW which will now not be far away, I want to see her and also Matt McMahon's 169129

Being unloaded from the low loader after purchase

 The owner has asked that I do not pass out his name or address. A request that must be observed. I will show photos and any information but nothing concerning the owner of the site